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Tinto Brass Presents - Erotic Short Stories: Part 1

The first in a four part series of erotic short stories made under the guidance and inspiration of the 'King of Erotica' - Tinto Brass.

Directed in the Tinto Brass style by some of the most talented new Italian directors working today.

Julia (60 mins):
One of the world's most greatest erotic photographers takes 3 beautiful models on a trip to Rome. Perverse  yet innocent  they find redemption in the Vatican City.

I Am The Way You Want Me (24 mins):
A Femme Fatale  looking sexily at herself in the mirror recalls a highly sensual love-affair.

A Magic Mirror (23 mins):
A difficult relationship between a brusque man and a fragile women  who falls in love with her brother-in-law and cheats on her husband. As well as producing these short films Tinto Brass characteristically appears in a cameo role.

Tinto Brass Presents - Erotic Short Stories: Part 1
Source: DVDRip
File size: 3x358MB
Resolution: 640 x 480
Video: OpenDivX (DivX 4.0 and later) - 25.000 fps- ~1275.0 kbps
Audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) - 128.0 kbit/s - 48000 Hz - stereo



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